Dungeon Boss Classic Sunset FAQ

Q. When will Dungeon Boss services no longer be available?

A. Here are the important dates to remember

  • In-app purchase removal - 6.14.23

  • Customer Support end - 6.28.2023

  • Last chance to claim loyalty rewards - 7.3.2023

  • Final Sunset - 7.27.2023

Q. Why are you shutting down Dungeon Boss?

A. We feel this is the right choice moving forward. This will allow us the best opportunity to support Dungeon Boss: Respawned.

Q. What will happen to my items once you remove in-app purchases?

A. All of your purchased items will still be available to use up until the time of shutdown.

Q. Can I get a refund for items purchased?

A. We will not be providing refunds for items purchased in-game. All in-game items will be available until the time of sunset. Be sure to claim your loyalty rewards prior to beginning Dungeon Boss: Respawned.

Q. If customer support is ending, how will I get support for Dungeon Boss: Respawned?

A. Support will only be ending for Dungeon Boss. We continue supporting Dungeon Boss: Respawned. For account and technical issues, please visit the Netflix help site at http://help.netflix.com to get started. All bug reports can be shared here in the official Dungeon Boss Discord.

Q. I don't have a Netflix account. Will I no longer be able to play?

A. A Netflix account is required to play Dungeon Boss: Respawned.

Q. Will I have to start over in Dungeon Boss: Respawned?

A. Yes; Dungeon Boss: Respawned features new content, changes, and rebalances that are best experienced from the start. However, be sure to claim your loyalty rewards to help you get started.

Q. How do I redeem my Dungeon Boss: Respawned Rewards?

A. First, open Dungeon Boss and check the events section to claim your loyalty rewards code. Next, complete both the tutorial and chapter 1of Dungeon Boss: Respawned and visit the events section of the game. Here, you will find a prompt to enter your loyalty rewards code.

Q. I have an issue with my rewards code. What should I do?

A. Please double check the “events” section in Dungeon Boss to locate and verify your code. Please enter your code exactly as it appears here.

Q. I redeemed my rewards code, but I’m still missing some heroes.

A. Some Dungeon Boss heroes may not be available at the launch of Dungeon Boss Respawned. Previously unlocked heroes will become available to you once they are added to the game.

June 12th, 2024