Game Mathematician

position overview

Game Mathematician     

The Game Mathematician will be responsible for designing the core elements for our new and existing Bingo, Slots games, which are then communicated to the development team for art asset and gameplay code creation. During development, this position may adjust the original design based on technical constraints. Furthermore, the Games Mathematician will assist the economy team with game balance and progression. 


Essential Functions/Responsibilities

• Design, create and maintain mathematical models for our game systems (slots, bingo, RPG Progression, game economy, monetization, etc).

• Generate & maintain mathematical design documents, and customer-facing specifications, update shared libraries

• Design simulation systems to verify the mathematical models and its accuracy

• Balance data for game progression and monetization systems

• Analyze user data, game statistics, and performance to adjust the mathematical model and game design to meet established product goals

• Independently work across multiple disciplines to ensure correct implementation of game math and answer questions 

• Participate in extensive play testing of game software with special attention paid to mathematical experiences, and game pace

• Exemplify reliability, accountability, and professionalism in all work-related interactions


Skills and Abilities

• Capable of running statistical models for games and game data balancing (casual, RPG, strategy, etc).

• Basic skills of Microsoft Office: Word & Power Point and Advanced skills in Excel

• Able to identify inefficient processes and suggest creative solutions

• Able to manage multiple, competing tasks and be self-directed in a quickly evolving environment

• Positive attitude with the ability to give and receive constructive feedback

• Ability to estimate and execute design plans in complex situations

• Excellent attention to detail 

• Excellent critical thinking, problem solving and organization skills


Education and Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics and/or Statistics 

• Strong understanding of game design concepts and principles 

• 2 years’ relevant experience in the gaming industry creating mathematical models

• Good understanding of the mobile game development cycle, processes, and limitations 

• Professional experience with monetization and/or game economy design

• Solid understanding of Free2Play mechanics, user interfaces, user experiences, general game development, and working in a live product environment

• Proficiency in one or more of the following: C, C#, C++, JavaScript or other relevant scripting languages is highly desired.  

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