Gameplay Engineer

Boss Fight Entertainment is a cutting-edge game development studio, with offices in Dallas and Austin. We are seeking a Gameplay Engineer to join our ranks of veteran game developers as we take on an exciting new challenge to bring AAA console experiences to mobile, as well as developing new IPs.

*Relocation assistance available

The Gameplay Engineer will wear many hats and tackle a wide range of assignments such as UI implementation, pipeline and tools development, back end infrastructure, artificial intelligence, special effects, 3rd party tech integrations, and many more, all while working with a multi-disciplinary team of talented designers, artists and engineers in a cool office environment.

Essential Functions / Responsibilities

  • Write robust, maintainable code for a range of client devices and a live production environment
  • Translate requests from design into tasks. Estimate, track and manage those tasks
  • Utilize a variety of programming languages, platforms, frameworks and APIs to achieve results
  • Implement the User Interface that ties the player to the behaviors in the game
  • Identify and communicate technical requirements and risks for new features and systems
  • Collaborate across multiple disciplines to shepherd features from initial concept to completion
  • Implement features in existing gameplay systems while also expanding the feature sets in those systems
  • Work with performance, robustness and reuse of code as software goals

Skills and Abilities

  • Infectious can-do attitude and ability to inspire others by your example
  • Thrives when working directly with other disciplines and stakeholders such as designers and artists to develop a feature or system
  • Enthusiastically receives and provides objective and constructive feedback and suggestions
  • Solves problems across multiple programming languages and platforms with a demonstrated track record of consistent results
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and be self-directed but maintain clear communication with management at all times

Education and Experience

  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or related degree, or equivalent work experience
  • Prior experience on products with a live support component is a plus
  • game industry and mobile development experience in a related role
  • Experience with Unity3D, UI development, Amazon Web Services, NoSql databases such as Couchbase, or large user base products are a plus

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