Community Manager

position overview

Community Manager

The Community Manager is responsible for supporting community engagement plans, engaging players in conversations on forums and social channels and supporting the creation of community content such as FAQs, live-streams, and guides. Community Managers have a thorough understanding of AAA mobile game genres and platforms, including fluency with games-as-a-service practices and production/business models.


Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  • Lead and support social channel strategies and content calendars
  • Responsible for creating player focused messaging for all aspects of the game, for use on all social channels
  • Utilize and manage social channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) to support player engagement and retention
  • Monitor, document, record and engage with players on social channels, official and un-official (based on size)
  • Create weekly community summary reports that highlight posts/engagement, review scores, community sentiment, and any actionable player issues and needs
  • Establish player feedback loops by working closely with QA and Live Ops/Production to coordinate responses to player issues and concerns, ensuring a positive player experience
  • Work with the marketing and game teams to develop and maintain highly engaging community content such as game videos, podcasts, developer interviews, product updates, and animated gifs across social platforms, targeted to our game’s unique audiences
  • Identify and evaluate new social opportunities on new and emerging social platforms
  • Build and foster relationships with top online influencers and genre leaders based on IP
  • Advocate for the player! Serve the needs and feedback of our players both internally and externally
  • Work with the team to ensure that the player community’s feedback/issues are known (and communicated out)
  • Maintain consistent presence and tone, and promote player-friendly environments, within social channels and forums like discord and Reddit
  • With the eye of a player, work with the team on creating any game update notes
  • Support broader social media drives and initiatives companywide
  • Drive content creator strategy, identifying potential new creators while supporting and building long-term relationships with existing partners
  • Analyze and report on content and program performance data to drive continuous improvement, optimization, and innovation
  • Manage and assist community channels pre and post launch and help foster and build community-generated content, forum discussions, and other interactions


Skills and Abilities

  • Able to manage multiple, competing tasks and be self-directed in a quickly evolving environment
  • Ability to give detailed feedback and communicate direction between internal teams and external partners
  • Excellent organization and communication
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment    
  • Detail orientated
  • Proficient with MS Office, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Drive to innovate community practices and bring community management to the next level


Education and Experience

  • 3+ years of community/social media, or marketing and copywriting experience in gaming or similar entertainment industries
  • Previous experience with user moderation in an online environment, including experience working with forum, live chat, or other game mastering tools
  • Strong understanding of online community platforms/channels, policies and best practices
  • Strong understanding of popular social networking tools and trends
  • Knowledgeable on latest technologies and techniques used in building and maintaining successful social channels

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