Senior Server Engineer - Allen

position overview

Boss Fight Entertainment is a cutting-edge game development studio, with offices in Dallas and Austin.  We are seeking a Senior Server Engineer to join our ranks of veteran game developers as we take on an exciting new challenge to bring AAA console experiences to mobile, as well as developing new IPs.


As Senior Server Engineer you will:

  • Work as part of a team to handle the server needs for all games and prototypes at the company
  • Contribute to game design by providing guidance on the scalability and cost of desired features
  • Set up and monitor VPC deployments at AWS
  • Research and explore new technologies to speed up response time and reduce server costs
  • Build a reusable set of back-end systems that multiple games can share
  • Update and extend systems that collect and present real-time metrics
  • Write game-specific administrative and customer service tools in html
  • Work with client engineers to define the format of data that is passed between client and server.


We’re looking for:

  • Professional experience with Cloud platforms and architecting systems for the Cloud
  • Professional experience applying stateless / serverless design principles
  • Professional experience provisioning and maintaining Linux VMs
  • Professional experience with both SQL and NoSQL stacks


We'd love to see:

  • Experience with AWS, particularly Redshift, S3, EC2 (VPC, autoscaling groups, load balancing), CloudFront, CloudWatch, Data Pipeline, RDS
  • Experience with Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Experience with Node.js and Unity


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