Senior Graphics Programmer - Allen

position overview

The Senior Graphics Programmer will support the production team and work with the tools team to support the R&D effort in different fields while providing strong experience and practical rendering to projects.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  • Help adapt and improve the Graphical aspects of titles in production, collaborate across projects to ensure studio-wide success in graphics
  • Improve and optimize existing engine and low-level systems for the target platforms
  • Develop and maintain support for all platforms
  • Promote and uphold a high-level of code quality
  • Work closely with the game teams to provide engine-level optimization and support
  • Architect and implement key systems in the graphics pipeline
  • Mentor other engineers
  • Participate in code reviews, whiteboard discussions, and standups, a daily basis
  • Collaborate with other engineers in an iterative, agile development environment with a focus on shipping code and achieving practical results
  • Contribute to design discussions
  • Work with art director to establish unique visual style. Write the tech to make it happen.
  • Understand the graphics performance characteristics of our target hardware.
  • Implement and maintain graphics systems and graphics features.
  • Identify weaknesses in engineering workflows and collaborate with tools engineers to improve those workflows.
  • Collaborate with artists in establishing and shepherding the artistic vision.
  • Evaluate and improve rendering feature performance.
  • Create and maintain tools to help content creators optimize assets.

Required Skills and abilities:

  • 10 years of experience in video game development industry
  • Knowledge of programming and shading languages such as C, C++, HLSL, GLSL
  • Strong experience of at least one professional rendering system used in a AAA title on console or mobile device
  • Experience in collaborating in the full cycle development of a game engine
  • Experience in the design, development and maintenance of tools in the production pipeline
  • Solid experience as a graphic rendering programmer on multiple platforms and APIs
  • Strong grasp of how to prepare and organize data to guarantee performance at runtime
  • Knows how to use modern rendering hardware, software, and techniques to get the best result
  • Highly developed skills in 3 or more fields of programming

Preferred/Required Education and Experience

  • Able to develop and collaborate on code
  • Data oriented thinking on systems and problem solving
  • Continuous improvement mindset for software, patterns, techniques, etc
  • 2 years in a large software company

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