Game Designer Austin

position overview

The Game Designer is experienced with the full game development process and will contribute on many fronts -  from concept through delivery.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

  • Assist in designing gameplay systems that support the vision and pillars of the game
  • Tune and balance gameplay systems based on internal and external playtesting and real-world data
  • Gather data on competitive games and understand what makes them a success or failure
  • Collaborate with the team to brainstorm new ideas and help drive projects
  • Be a proactive member of the Design team, brainstorming and developing designs, and providing feedback to other designers
  • Work with all disciplines to ensure that the game features meet specifications and Boss Fight’s high-quality bar
  • Work with the Design and Development teams to create new content and features that drive player engagement
  • Collaborate with Senior Designer to write descriptive documents that effectively communicate game systems and features to the team
  • Maintain communication with peers across all departments

Required Skills and abilities:

  • Understanding of game design concepts and principles
  • Experience writing game feature and system specifications
  • An understanding of the F2P space, particularly that of mobile midcore RPG and Strategy titles.
  • An understanding of techniques used to analyze other games on the market
  • Capable of working independently and in team environments.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

Education and Experience

  • At least 2 years of experience as a Game Designer, bonus points for more! 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or an associate degree with comparable work experience
  • Strong understanding of game design concepts and principles

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