Associate Technical Artist


position overview

The Technical Artist will wear many hats and tackle a wide range of assignments such as UI implementation, animation, pipeline and tools development, special effects, and many more, all while working with a team of talented of artists and engineers.


  • Collaborate with engineering and art teams to develop solutions for great UI experiences.
  • Work with the available Unity tools to reskin greyboxed user interfaces with high fidelity assets provided by the art team.
  • Use available tools to ensure proper anchoring and hooks for various aspect ratios on different devices.
  • Use Unity’s particle effects and animation/timeline tools to create transitions and celebrations in UI for user interactions.
  • Observe best practices for texture and performance optimization.
  • Demonstrate reliability, accountability, and professionalism in all work-related interactions.


Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong working experience with Unity’s built-in tools for UI, animation timelines, and particle effects.
  • Ability to communicate effectively while building partnerships with artists and engineers.
  • Demonstrated capability and enthusiasm for learning in a fast-paced environment.
  •  Ability to master proprietary tools provided by engineering team.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of best practices for composition and motion in game UI
  • Eye for artistic and aesthetic details.


Bonus Skills (Not Required):

  • Ability to work with 3D scenes in Unity (lighting, positioning, animation).
  • Ability to manipulate Art organized into sprite sheets.
  • Ability to create or modify Unity shaders.
  • Able to read, interpret, and make adjustments to C# code supporting UI and game presentation as needed.


Education, Experience

  • Game development experience through school or personal projects.


Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

Our core hours are 10am to 6pm, which means you should be available for meetings etc. during the time period.  You will be required to work longer hours on occasion, especially during periods when staff is working late to meet tight deadlines, etc.

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