David Rippy, President/CEO: An industry veteran of 20 years, David Rippy most recently served as GM of Zynga’s CastleVille and was responsible for growing and managing the size-able business. While at Zynga, David also functioned as divisional Chief of Staff and Studio Head for the company’s Dallas operations. In 2008, David co-founded and acted as President and CEO of Bonfire Studios; previous experience includes serving as Group Program Manager of the Age of Empires franchise for Microsoft Ensemble Studios.

Bill Jackson, Creative Director: With 15 years of game industry experience, Bill Jackson is responsible for the creative direction of Boss Fight’s games. Bill most recently served as a divisional Creative Director/GM at Zynga, leading design efforts on CastleVille and later directing game design across multiple studios. Previously, Bill co-founded and was Creative Director at Bonfire Studios and served as Producer on Microsoft Ensemble Studios’ Halo Wars.

Scott Winsett, Chief Operating Officer: Scott has 20 years of game development experience. As a divisional COO at Zynga, Scott was instrumental in establishing technology, procedures, and production pipeline standards across multiple studios. Prior to his COO role, Scott redefined the visual style for social gaming with CastleVille, then helped drive that high bar across all Zynga internal divisional games. Scott was a co-founder of Bonfire Studios, serving as VP of Operations, and was one of the first employees at Ensemble Studios.

Dave Luehmann, Vice President of Production: Luehmann has over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry, most recently as a Director of Amazon’s gaming division where he oversaw multiple internal development studios and helped to build the games publishing arm of the company.  Previously David served as the Vice President of 3rd Party development at Trion Worlds, and as GM of Microsoft Studios where his teams built such notable products as Age of Empires, ‘MechAssault, ‘MechWarrior, Halo Wars, Forza, and Flight Simulator


Jeff Petry, General Manager: Jeff has a 25 year career spanning F2P games, B2C tech companies, brand management and consulting. Previously, Jeff was VP of Games at indie developer Spacetime Studios, where he oversaw a 10x growth in revenue. Prior to that, Jeff served in game leadership and Product Marketing roles at Zynga, including work with the CastleVille team.  Previous experience also includes partnerships with major brands and IP holders such as Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Dark Horse Comics, The Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

Damion Schubert, Design Director:  A 20 year veteran of the games industry, Damion Schubert has a long and storied career leading design teams, mostly focused on massively multiplayer game design, with a focus on systems design, social design, and monetization. Damion’s history includes design leadership roles on Meridian 59, Shadowbane and Star Wars: the Old Republic. Damion is also a frequent writer and speaker on game design issues and techniques. As Design Director, he was instrumental in the launch and continued success of Dungeon Boss.