Dungeon Boss at Pax West

The Great Rune War update has arrived, and with it comes exponential power for all your favorite heroes. With our largest game update since launch, we are excited to showcase powerful new features for Dungeon Boss: Runes, Epics and Boss Mode! Watch for details and giveaways for our community from our booth at this year’s PAX West, September 2nd – 5th, in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center.

Dungeon Boss hits the show floor at Booth #7405 with daily scheduled activities that include Epic game demos, customized T-shirts and exclusive PAX Giveaways. Contests will run throughout the weekend to celebrate PAX attendees, but will also extend to our community worldwide.

Since our debut at last year’s PAX Prime, Dungeon Boss has become one of the top mobile RPGs for millions of players worldwide! We’ve been featured by Apple as an Editors’ Choice game and selected as an Apple Best of 2015 game. Google Play and Amazon stores have also featured Dungeon Boss for Best New Update multiple times since launching in September 2015.

With these new game features, players can now:

  • Battle in the most challenging of Dungeons with Boss Mode
  • Upgrade and customize their favorite heroes by crafting over 3,000 Runes
  • Quest for Epic gear that can double their power in PVP matches and bolster victory in any tournament!

The collaboration between developer Boss Fight Entertainment and publisher Big Fish Games over the last year has culminated in our most robust update to date, unlocking unprecedented power for our players and emphasizing that it’s good to be the boss.

“Our latest update to Dungeon Boss is finally here and it’s super-sized!” said Bill Jackson, Creative Director at Boss Fight. “There’s a lot to talk about, but clearly the big news is the launch of Runes and Epic weapons. It’s exciting to watch our community debate the best way to use these powerful artifacts, which allow customization of their heroes to fit any style of play.”

Christopher Williams, GM of SkyRocket Studios at Big Fish, is also excited about the community response to the new update. “The Boss Mode dungeons are really hard and require specific strategies to win, so our players are coming together to share their winning strategies with each other and their guild mates,” he said. “We want to create games that bring players together, and our ongoing events and game updates will continue to reinforce community.”

Follow us on Twitter (@DungeonBossGame) for daily PAX West scheduled events, including:

  • Testinf the fighting power of fully upgraded Heroes and Epics at our game demo stations
  • Customized Dungeon Boss T-Shirts from live silk-screening artists
  • New Hero and Epics giveaways, keychains, and more at the booth
  • Social media giveaways and prizes!

Remember to use #DBPAXWest to report on or follow the Dungeon Boss PAX West action!