Boss Fight Entertainment, along with our publishing partner Big Fish Games, is proud to announce that our biggest Dungeon Boss update has just been released!

  • With the latest update, Dungeon Boss gets better with the following exciting additions that extend gameplay and introduce new player strategies:
  • Powerful and ancient Runes that allow players to customize Heroes to fit their own unique playstyles. Create the ultimate PVP team or take on the most difficult dungeons!
  • Mighty Epics for Heroes that strengthen their basic attacks and add bonus effects to take down the dastardliest opponents.
  • The release of Boss Mode, consisting of the most difficult set of Dungeons yet! Take on the challenges and get some of the most lucrative in-game rewards yet.

Achievements, Titles, and Improved Player Profile! Earn bragging rights for your accomplishments and size up the competition with our expanded player profiles.

This update has been months in the making and we’re proud to have it out. The additional systems and content will enhance the gameplay experience for both new and veteran players.

Dungeon Boss players can get the latest update by visiting the App Store (for iOS players) or Google Play Store (for Android players).

Read more about the latest update by visiting our forums!