We’re proud to announce the release of our latest update to Dungeon Boss! The update features several major improvements to the game, including:

  • Challenge Mode: A new game mode where you can replay every single campaign dungeon with significantly stronger enemies. You’ll also have your level scaled down in those dungeons and won’t be allowed to use continues. Good luck, you’ll need it!
  • Leonidus: If you’re able to beat enough Challenge Mode dungeons, you’ll unlock the mighty Leonidus, a Light Beast Tank that is unlike any Hero you’ve ever seen before!
  • Blessings of the Seeker: You can now collect special orbs that will allow you to unlock a permanent boost for each Hero in your collection
  • A PVP overhaul that has reshaped the landscape of My Dungeon.
  • A level cap increase from 61 to 70.
  • A TON of bug fixes and improvements which you can read about in detail here!